Our Process

406 Wealth Management is dedicated to delivering superior client experiences. Over the years, we’ve learned that the most successful financial partnerships begin with a thoughtful, deliberate discovery process designed to fully understand your expectations and concerns. When a financial plan is prepared and investment accounts are established, we begin a continual cycle to review, analyze, adjust, and report on your plan and investments. The result is a retirement and/or wealth plan that works for you. A plan you understand and have confidence in.

Step One: Listening. Our first meeting as client and advisor –

Successful financial planning depends on a deep understanding of your past experiences, your likes and dislikes, and your financial aspirations. This important meeting forms the foundation for our relationship and includes:

  • Gathering your current financial and investment information
  • Understanding your investment philosophy
  • Determning the structure of your overall plan to achieve your goals for growth, safety, income, etc.
  • Developing and incorporating key benchmarks as a guide
  • Recording your preferences and restrictions, such as how you want to be contacted, how often you would like to meet, which asset classes you want to avoid, etc.  
  • Identifying your investment objectives and risk tolerance — critical in aligning our asset allocation recommendation with the hiring of your investment managers 

Step Two: Analysis and Planning

By closely examining your existing plan and investments, we’re able to carefully consider opportunities that might better align with your preferences and expectations. We then develop a Tailored Plan and Recommendations including several components. These include:

  • Creating an Asset Allocation Model: Studies have shown that over 90% of total return variation is due to the asset allocation of your portfolio while market timing and security selection account for less than 10%. 
  • Selecting Investment Managers: Choosing managers whose performance, consistency, tenure of key principals, ownership and other factors all contribute to our recommendations.
  • Reviewing what we have learned and presenting our proposed solutions, taking as much time as you need to understand the plan, the investments and the managers. Your feedback is essential to creating a plan you trust.

Step Three: Establish Account(s) and Implement Investment Program

Using your feedback, we'll implement any changes needed to allow you to achieve your objectives with less worry and/or involvement. As appropriate or as you direct, we’ll thoughtfully consult with your CPA and/or attorney to ensure that any considerations regarding taxation are reflected.

Step Four: Report, Analyze and Adjust

When your plan has been approved, your accounts established and your assets invested, we will be continually reporting their performance through your monthly statements and in real time through your D.A. Davidson account portal. We’ll schedule regular meetings to go over your plan and its management, making recommendations as appropriate to help ensure that your plan continues to keep pace with your life.